Perfect brows for every face

At The Pamper Bar our philosophy revolves around enhancing the underlying beauty of a woman's natural brow; softly sculpting and defining the existing structure to create the most amazing brows, perfectly suited to each person. 

Deneale and her team of brow specialists take an architectural approach to defining brow shape, paying careful consideration to facial structure, existing brow shape, colourings and personal preferences. 

The Pamper Bar team strives to repair over-plucked, incorrectly styled and shaped brows, to create low maintenance brows that complement what nature originally gave us. 

A pair of perfectly shaped, bushy, arched brows denote youth, highlight your features and create definition and balance to the rest of your face. 

A trip to The Pamper Bar is all about repair, regrowth and maintenance and helping create your ultimate lash and brow transformation. 

Experience what natural brow shaping can look like! 




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